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san·ti, tranquility/peace (in Sanskrit)


Life is always better when you are surrounded by good company. To accommodate for the friends, families, and loved ones within our lives, we reimagined the SANTi one-seater as a sofa for two.

The SANTi 2 seater sofa maintains all the hallmarks of the one-seater with its round edges, sungkai wood exterior, and recycled synthetic rattan. The two cushion base was designed with longevity and maintenance in mind. The result is a product that makes a room a little more inviting and a little more comforting.

SANTi 2 Seater

  • Colour

    • Dark Brown Stain
    • Beige Fabrics
    • Gold Rattan



    • Width: 134 cm
    • Depth: 72 cm
    • Height: 76 cm
    • Weight: 34.2 kg



    • SVLK Sungkai Wood (Exterior)
    • SVLK Mango Wood (Interior)
    • Natural Rattan
    • Recycled Synthetic Rattan
    • Recycled PET Dacron
    • D18 Foam
    • 100% Cotton Fabric



    Purchases of the SANTi 2S include 2 free pillows made from 100% Cotton Fabric, Recycled PET Dacron, and Recycled Polyester Lining.


    SVLK certification ensures that all wood based materials used in our products are obtained and derived from legal sources and through legal practices.


    All wood based products are finished with a water based stain.

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