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sa·ha·ja, as it is (in Bahasa Indonesia)


Simplicity, functionality, and adaptability are the main values of our SAHAJA stool. It was designed to fit into any kind of interior environment and for all types of people.

SAHAJA is wrapped with premium fabrics, and it stands on certified sungkai wood. To accommodate people’s needs, SAHAJA also acts as a storage for people’s belongings. SAHAJA stands as a testament that sometimes less can provide more.

SAHAJA - Stool

  • Colours

    • Dark Brown Stain
    • Beige Fabrics



    • Width: 120 cm
    • Depth: 60 cm
    • Height: 40 cm
    • Weight: 6.7 kg



    • SVLK Sungkai Wood (Interior)
    • SVLK Plywood (Exterior)
    • Recycled PET Dacron
    • D18 Foam
    • 100% Cotton Fabric



    SVLK certification ensures that all wood-based materials used in our products are obtained and derived from legal sources and through legal practices.

    All wood-based products are finished with a water-based stain.

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