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mai·a, fantasy (taken from Sanskrit)


The MAiA side table is the little sister of the NAiA coffee table. With a similar style and design, it can be said that MAiA is the much simpler and lighter version of NAiA but with the same purpose.


MAiA is intended to be compact, so that people can easily use it anywhere and its unique shape allows for multiple uses in multiple configurations.


The whole body is made from durable sungkai wood, just like NAiA. It also features our signature upcycled plastic slab on the top with swirls and patterns that are unique to each design.


As its name suggests, the use of the MAiA side table is only limited by your own imagination.


  • Dark Brown Stain

  • Gold & White Slab


(insert line drawing and measurements)



(insert weight)



- Sungkai Wood

- Recycled Plastic Slab

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