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About Us
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We are a circular design studio and material supplier who refuses to compromise on quality and sustainability

We believe that products crafted with an environmentally-conscious mindset, are capable of improving our lives while reducing our negative effects on nature

We envision a collective cultural shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle through an increased demand for timeless, attractive, and environmentally-conscious designs

We create circular and sustainable solutions ranging from base materials to finished products to accelerate this cultural shift

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Meet The Normies

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Our Commitment
and Philosophy

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For a design to be truly norm:al:, it must be timeless in its form, durable in its body, and sustainable at its core, as anything other than this will just lead to more waste.

As a norm:al company we are committed to being environmentally friendly in our actions, ethical in our operations, and  transparent to all our customers. As any other behavior would contradict the positive impacts we aim to achieve

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